Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singing, Surfing, and Snake hunting.

I finally got a job at the hospital here and I'm completely stoked. I'm a Radiation Tech. Assistant where we give proton therapy treatment to cancer patients. It is the job that I wanted and Sierra and I know that we were blessed. Sierra has started school and she is already studying each night. PA school is going to be really hard, but I know she will do a great job. Just to give you a little perception on what she will be going through... Med school students have around 32-36 credits a year, which is extremely hard. PA students have around 72 credits in a year!
School hasn't kept us from having our fun. We went to Newport again and tried to get our surf on. Then last night I went snake hunting with my neighbor and some friends. These guys are a little eccentric. Carl is the mad snake hunter of the group. He was grabbing this huge pissed off rattlesnake with his bare hands and playing around with it. He wanted to keep it so that meant that I was going to ride home with it right next to me while it was moving around and hissing in the pillow case.
This video is outside our house. Our neighbor sits outside her house and belts her little heart out. It is so funny and sometimes she really gets into it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another great week

Our adventures continue at our new home in Cali. This week has been a lot of fun for Jordan and I. Since we have moved here I think we have played tennis at least once everyday. Jordan said to me today that I am actually fun to play with now, which must mean that at one point in time that was not the case! Needless to say I think my tennis skills are improving and we are having a lot of great matches. We also found a disk golf course only a few miles from our house at a pretty park. On Wednesday we went to Newport Beach for the day. It was our second trip to the beach and we are yet to hit any major traffic which is encouraging. The drive took a total of 45 minutes both times we have gone which is awesome. We swam in the ocean and body surfed a little and Jordan dreamed of the day when he will have a surf board! (Which may be a while seeing as the search for a good job here has been a bit of a challenge!) Last week at church a we heard about some mt. biking trails in the hills only a few miles from our house. This morning we biked over to check them out. Its definately not the Wasatch but there were trails going all over the place, and Jordan spotted a few jumps. It was a bit sandy but still really fun, we're thinking it will be pretty sweat when winter comes. Tonight we had our first visitors since our parents came deliving our things. My friend Christine and her future husband, Paul drove down from Santa Barbara tonight to check out our new pad. We had dinner and chatted and we loved it! Thanks Christine and Paul for making the trek down here you made our night! Jordan is still out on the search for a job. That has probably been the most frustrating issue we have had since we moved. We are excited though because he has an interview on Tuesday at the hospital here to be a radiation therapy assistant. Its the one job he has applied to that he wants most so we are praying for that! He did also have an interview at washington mutual last week. We've had to get creative in the job search. On Tuesday I have my PA program orientation and then the next Monday school starts and the jouney begins! We love our little place, we have a great ward, and we have eachother. Life is good! We do miss everyone at home though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And more Pictures

Our king size with a whole foot on the side of the bed.

It's been at least this hot everyday since we've been here. This is in the shade!!!!

More home pictures

The biggest grapefruit I've ever seen

Our kitchen

Our bathroom

Saint Matthew

our make shift garage

we are the upstairs apartment

Sierra and I made the move down to Loma Linda on Wednesday the 27 of August. We spent the first three days here homeless, while we looked for a place to rent. We participated in many homeless activities, such as: Bathing under a secretly found spicket, ate a staple of bagels (for every meal), and kept all of our possessions in a cart (actually our car, which trunk would not latch shut). Many of the homes we looked out were wonderful, but a little too pricy. Some were a little disgusting (pee had been left in the toilet to fester in the over 100 degree temps). We finally found a place and we are stoked on it. Our house is three blocks away from campus and only 45 min. away from Newport beach (the waves were at 4-6 feet yesterday). We have orange, lemon, grapefruit, fig, guava, and banana plants right outside of our door. The fresh squeezed orange juice is particularly good! I've been looking for a job the last couple of days and we know things will fall into place. Most of all Sierra and I are stoked to finally unpack our boxes and remember some of the things we own.