Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let the Heat Begin

Well Sierra has been trying to get me to update our blog for some time... So I figured I would update our blog with some of Sierra's stunning model poses! We just got a new camera and we wanted to try it out, so Sierra showed me some classic poses while I snapped away and encouraged her with phrases such as, "Show me the tiger.... YES, YES, YES...NO, NO, NO," and so on.

I know this is the face I'm going to get when Sierra finally takes a break from studying and checks out our blog. I couldn't resist, my wife is just to Hot right now!

Other than our photo shoots everything has been super good. Sierra is killing it in school and I'm on the alternate list for PA school (This just means more waiting to find out if I'm in or not). We've been enjoying the area and eachother. I found a new dirtjump line I'm super stoked about.