Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 months later...

Well it has definitely been a while since our last post, so I will be amazed if anyone actually looks at our blog cause if it were me I would have given up on us by now! Anyway if you for some reason decided to click on our blog in hopes that something would have changed even though it hasn't for the past 7 months...SURPRISE a new post, I was bored today! Jordan and I have a great life and we are totally blessed! Jordan is doing really awesome in PA school just finished his first rotation in the ER which he loved! I graduated from PA school, passed my board exam and got a job at Loma Linda Family Medicine. We are stoked on life for many reasons! I like looking at pictures more than anything else so I'll just post some pictures of our life over the last few months.

These first few pics are from last week when Jordi and I went beach camping with the Swindles just north of Santa Barbara. We found this sweet little beach we had all to ourselves to camp on. We did a little mt biking up there as well.

Jordan found a new friend when he was in Costa Rica with his PA class!

My graduation and my cute family who came to support me! (Even though I still had 2 months of school left, so anti-climatic!)

We went to SLC in July for my grandmas funeral which was sad but seeing these cute faces plus a few more made for a fun trip!