Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 months later...

Well it has definitely been a while since our last post, so I will be amazed if anyone actually looks at our blog cause if it were me I would have given up on us by now! Anyway if you for some reason decided to click on our blog in hopes that something would have changed even though it hasn't for the past 7 months...SURPRISE a new post, I was bored today! Jordan and I have a great life and we are totally blessed! Jordan is doing really awesome in PA school just finished his first rotation in the ER which he loved! I graduated from PA school, passed my board exam and got a job at Loma Linda Family Medicine. We are stoked on life for many reasons! I like looking at pictures more than anything else so I'll just post some pictures of our life over the last few months.

These first few pics are from last week when Jordi and I went beach camping with the Swindles just north of Santa Barbara. We found this sweet little beach we had all to ourselves to camp on. We did a little mt biking up there as well.

Jordan found a new friend when he was in Costa Rica with his PA class!

My graduation and my cute family who came to support me! (Even though I still had 2 months of school left, so anti-climatic!)

We went to SLC in July for my grandmas funeral which was sad but seeing these cute faces plus a few more made for a fun trip!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I am not the best at updating the blog but honestly with both of us in school we spend a good majority of our time studying, not all that exciting. Obviously Jordan still gets really excited about it though. We both are SO happy to be in school and we are loving it!We moved just about a month ago to this awesome house and we couldn't be more stoked about it! I decided to post some pictures to hopefully inspire some people to come visit us, now that we have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is definitely an upgrade from our last place, its sweet!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter '09

Two weeks into the new quarter and it feels like a life ago that we had time to hang with friends and family. Christmas break was so much fun and we are constantly amazed at how stellar our family and friends are. The snow didn't quite participate with us as much as we would have liked, but we were still able to get out and enjoy the winter for the two weeks we were in SLC.
It is always a little weird to come back to Loma Linda and have the weather be in the mid 70's after spending time in SLC. We miss the snow, but we are not complaining in the least. The week after returning Sierra ran a half marathon and then we spent the day at the beach. Not to bad for a week after wearing a puffy! So for those of you who made need a weekend break from the cold, you've got a place to sleep and the swell's been very descent as of late.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Party Wave! Brad, Tiff, and Oli came to visit last weekend. We know that it is a bit of a drive to just come for an extended weekend, but are super grateful that the came down to visit us. Party Waves were being thrown down on every set. It was super fun to see Brad dropping in on the STORM with a huge smile on his face. Tiff was even shredding on her. We had a blast and seeing family and friends always gets us excited for the time when we will be able to move a bit closer to them.

However, we couldn't be more stoked on our current sitiuation. Sierra is now on her second rotation (PEDS) and she is enjoying learning more and applying all that she has learned in the past year. We also received a major blessing two weeks ago. One day before the general orientation for PA school to begin I got a call from the Director saying that a spot opened up and I was being offered a spot. GEEZ! Talk about the last minute alternate list. So within a week my life has changed a bit and I am now two weeks into my first year of PA school. I feel like the nerdy kid in class because the first few days I was giddy in class thinking, "I love school, I love learning, this is so awesome."

These are some pictures of my jacketing ceremony. We are pretty excited about what our lives right now!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Its time to change that ridiculous last blog thanks to Jordan! Anyway, summer has come and gone and with it a few awesome changes. I finished my first year of PA school! Less than a year to go and now most of my time is spent in actual clinics which is exciting. We got the best surprise ever last Monday...Jordan got accepted to PA school off of the alternate list. After a long year of waiting and hoping for that call, it finally came THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED! We couldn't have been more excited. We had a really fun summer here a pictures of a few of the highlights!

San Diego, Old Town with my parents!

Cute little buggers! Our nephews

Jackson Lake + Waterskiing + Family = Heaven on Earth!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let the Heat Begin

Well Sierra has been trying to get me to update our blog for some time... So I figured I would update our blog with some of Sierra's stunning model poses! We just got a new camera and we wanted to try it out, so Sierra showed me some classic poses while I snapped away and encouraged her with phrases such as, "Show me the tiger.... YES, YES, YES...NO, NO, NO," and so on.

I know this is the face I'm going to get when Sierra finally takes a break from studying and checks out our blog. I couldn't resist, my wife is just to Hot right now!

Other than our photo shoots everything has been super good. Sierra is killing it in school and I'm on the alternate list for PA school (This just means more waiting to find out if I'm in or not). We've been enjoying the area and eachother. I found a new dirtjump line I'm super stoked about.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So... I got tagged by my friend Jen and since I actually have a little time right now I am going to follow through!

8 favorite TV shows

1. The Biggest Loser- The best show on TV by far, I think Jordan and I get teary eyed every episode!
2. The Amazing Race- I'm thinking Jordan and I should try and get on the show in the near future.
3. Iron Chef America- I love cooking shows and I am competitive what a wonderful combination!
4. The Utah Jazz- What TV show beats a good Jazz game (besides the Biggest Loser of coarse)?
5. The Office-
6. Anything on Food Network- What can I say I love food and cooking!
7. Chargers of Packers games
8. The Bachelor- Don't watch it that often but I do enjoy the show on occasion mostly because Jordan can't stop commenting on how lame it is!

8 things I did yesterday

1. studied! Probably a total of 12 hours, not a super exciting day.
2. Ate green pancakes Jordan made for St. Patricks Day
3. Washed our sheets
4. Played Frisbee at the park
5. Studied more with Crystal
6. Shaved my legs, its had been a while!
7. Took a test
8. Oh yeah, did I mention that I studied all freaking day!!!

8 favorite restaurants

1. Red Butte Cafe-
2. Cafe Rio
3. AJ's deluxe French toast- its my dad but its the best breakfast i've had
3. Firehouse Pizza
4. Claim Jumper
5. Market Street
6. Ruths Diner- breakfast biscuits
7. Maverick frozen yogurt- I know its a gas station but it such a good treat!
8. Le Nonnie

8 things I wish for

1. Jordan to get in to Loma Lindas PA program this next year!
2. A cure for diabetes
3. Less studying
4. To Live close to family
5. To be able to surf well, or at all!
6. A shower and sink that would drain at a normal speed
7. To be more flexible
8. A road bike

8 things I am looking forward to

1. going to SLC on Tuesday to be with family and friends!
2. Jordans birthday tomorrow, 26? Crazy!
3. Spring break even though it started today
4. Skiing in Utah
5. Getting a dog someday
6. The McQueens summer trip to Newport
7. Christmas
8. getting done with school!