Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter '09

Two weeks into the new quarter and it feels like a life ago that we had time to hang with friends and family. Christmas break was so much fun and we are constantly amazed at how stellar our family and friends are. The snow didn't quite participate with us as much as we would have liked, but we were still able to get out and enjoy the winter for the two weeks we were in SLC.
It is always a little weird to come back to Loma Linda and have the weather be in the mid 70's after spending time in SLC. We miss the snow, but we are not complaining in the least. The week after returning Sierra ran a half marathon and then we spent the day at the beach. Not to bad for a week after wearing a puffy! So for those of you who made need a weekend break from the cold, you've got a place to sleep and the swell's been very descent as of late.



emily said...

LOVE the last pic of you guys in the car!

dave&abby johnson family said...

you guys are rad! love the pics, glad you had a fun time in Utah with friends and fam!!