Friday, October 9, 2009

Party Wave! Brad, Tiff, and Oli came to visit last weekend. We know that it is a bit of a drive to just come for an extended weekend, but are super grateful that the came down to visit us. Party Waves were being thrown down on every set. It was super fun to see Brad dropping in on the STORM with a huge smile on his face. Tiff was even shredding on her. We had a blast and seeing family and friends always gets us excited for the time when we will be able to move a bit closer to them.

However, we couldn't be more stoked on our current sitiuation. Sierra is now on her second rotation (PEDS) and she is enjoying learning more and applying all that she has learned in the past year. We also received a major blessing two weeks ago. One day before the general orientation for PA school to begin I got a call from the Director saying that a spot opened up and I was being offered a spot. GEEZ! Talk about the last minute alternate list. So within a week my life has changed a bit and I am now two weeks into my first year of PA school. I feel like the nerdy kid in class because the first few days I was giddy in class thinking, "I love school, I love learning, this is so awesome."

These are some pictures of my jacketing ceremony. We are pretty excited about what our lives right now!