Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So... I got tagged by my friend Jen and since I actually have a little time right now I am going to follow through!

8 favorite TV shows

1. The Biggest Loser- The best show on TV by far, I think Jordan and I get teary eyed every episode!
2. The Amazing Race- I'm thinking Jordan and I should try and get on the show in the near future.
3. Iron Chef America- I love cooking shows and I am competitive what a wonderful combination!
4. The Utah Jazz- What TV show beats a good Jazz game (besides the Biggest Loser of coarse)?
5. The Office-
6. Anything on Food Network- What can I say I love food and cooking!
7. Chargers of Packers games
8. The Bachelor- Don't watch it that often but I do enjoy the show on occasion mostly because Jordan can't stop commenting on how lame it is!

8 things I did yesterday

1. studied! Probably a total of 12 hours, not a super exciting day.
2. Ate green pancakes Jordan made for St. Patricks Day
3. Washed our sheets
4. Played Frisbee at the park
5. Studied more with Crystal
6. Shaved my legs, its had been a while!
7. Took a test
8. Oh yeah, did I mention that I studied all freaking day!!!

8 favorite restaurants

1. Red Butte Cafe-
2. Cafe Rio
3. AJ's deluxe French toast- its my dad but its the best breakfast i've had
3. Firehouse Pizza
4. Claim Jumper
5. Market Street
6. Ruths Diner- breakfast biscuits
7. Maverick frozen yogurt- I know its a gas station but it such a good treat!
8. Le Nonnie

8 things I wish for

1. Jordan to get in to Loma Lindas PA program this next year!
2. A cure for diabetes
3. Less studying
4. To Live close to family
5. To be able to surf well, or at all!
6. A shower and sink that would drain at a normal speed
7. To be more flexible
8. A road bike

8 things I am looking forward to

1. going to SLC on Tuesday to be with family and friends!
2. Jordans birthday tomorrow, 26? Crazy!
3. Spring break even though it started today
4. Skiing in Utah
5. Getting a dog someday
6. The McQueens summer trip to Newport
7. Christmas
8. getting done with school!

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kENNinGtONS said...

hey seirra its lacy how you doing i saw your blog on chanels. do you live in cali?